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What our customers say

“Xanadutec have been immensely helpful in developing and implementing the new system. In particular, they are very responsive to suggestions for technical innovations and configuring the system for our local situation and helpful in supporting users during the implementation process. Xanadutec has also been exemplary in the level of technical support, has actively sought to resolve the integration issues (for example, how to handle GPs with multiple practices, how to integrate the print function with the managed mail system) and changes in user requirements (for example, consultants going from unenthusiastic users to processing several hundred letters a day through on-screen authorisation) as they have emerged.”

- Don West

(Turnaround Director at West Middlesex University Hospital)

“It has really been a pleasure working with Xanadutec. They are a committed, enthusiastic team and are always looking to deliver excellent customer service. I am constantly impressed by their ability to deliver innovations that are of immense benefit to us. We have developed a real partnership approach that has delivered on all counts for us.”

- Saroj Patel

(IM&T Director at Royal National Orthopedic Hospital)

"We transform imaginations into reality through our dedication and hard work.
Expertise professional programmers with an enriching experience."


Defining and optimizing our business

OUR Skills


ASP.Net MVC Framework




Visual Studio

  • Our .NET development business experience for many years has given us industry exposure and exceptional problem-solving skills.
  • With .Net technology, our developers create amazingly designed applications and equip them with endless adaptable features and versatilities.
  • We provide optimum .NET solutions to meet your strategic goals at a faster pace.
  • We are well versed with the power of the framework and keen on developing applications that leverage the capabilities .Net offers.
  • We assure that developmental challenges are overthrown and tasks are accomplished within set deadlines.

OUR Skills


Swing, Spring Boot JPA, Spring MVC, Hibernet, Struts


STS, Eclipse

Web Technologies

JSP, Servlet, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Ajax.

  • We provide Java application development services, which are rich, productive and high performance.
  • We always follow a consolidated approach to produce a structurally stable, scalable and feature-rich product that exactly meets the client requirements.
  • Our unified application development and managed services team provide you with a zero-hassle, single-point-of-contact operational support solution covering every aspect of database architecture, application release and deployment, and ongoing bug-fix support and enhancements.
  • We have proven our expertise in developing rich enterprise applications by employing Java technology. We are ready to take on more Java challenges.
  • We provide you complete Java development services from the generation of ideas to deployable solutions.

Microsoft Azure

  • We can auto scale our application as per the demands through Microsoft Azure cloud services.
  • We avoid failure of our application with the help of Microsoft Azure cloud services as Microsoft Azure cloud services start new virtual machines in case of failure.
  • With the help of Microsoft Azure configurable security options we assure the security of our application.

Amazon Web Services

  • We use the Elastic Beanstalk service of Amazon Web Services to deploy our applications on cloud; Elastic Beanstalk handles the deployment from capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling to application health monitoring.
  • We develop secure, reliable and scalable Java applications by using the tools, documentation of Amazon Web Services cloud.
  • With Amazon Web Services we can easily scale up and down the capacity of our application as required.

OUR Skills

UI Design

Material Designing


Visual Studio


Angular 4 and AngularJS

  • We develop AngularJS web applications, which are functionally rich, fast and user-friendly.
  • We make use of each of the AngularJS characteristics that enhances the performance and increases the value of an enterprise application.
  • We provide AngularJS development services keeping your idea at the first place. While we attempt to deliver the solution, we get into the depth of purpose and value that can best serve your business.
  • We strive to provide several benefits of AngularJS through our resourceful web development services.
  • Our AngularJS developers purely focus on writing clean code that is free from boilerplate and caters to your complex business needs.

OUR Skills


Swift4.0, Objective C




Client side testing built

  • We have dedicated and skilled iOS developers who are well versed in the programming language to develop apps swiftly.
  • Our iOS developers develop amazing iOS applications with interactive programming tools.
  • We create phenomenal iOS apps that are crafted with dedication, passion and user requirements in mind.
  • Our development process involves highly skilled professionals who create apps that showcase robust, high quality, compatible and innovative characteristics.
  • We have decisive and result-driven strategies, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

OUR Skills

Design Pattern

MVP (Model View Presenter)


Android Studio


Rest and Google Api

  • We have an experienced team of Android application developers having best-in-class skills and in-depth knowledge of developing mobile apps.
  • Right from the idea of generation to play store deployment, we provide innovative and intuitive outcomes.
  • We provide interactive UI/UX designs through our Android app development services.
  • We Keep on updating our knowledge and skills according to the technological evolution within the industry.
  • We are always after the latest trends and try to include them in our Android app development services.

Database management systems are systems that manage the full data structure and exercise full control over the data stored in an organization’s database.

  • We have experienced team who are specialized in schema & application design, database scaling, query optimization, deployment and much more.
  • We use database technologies, which are having high performance, high availability and automatic scaling and are capable of handling individual chunks of data in large volumes.
  • We provide database based solutions from strategy building and development to integration, optimization and deployment.
  • Our database architecture is clean to ensure problems are kept to the minimum.
  • We provide database designs that are well suited with agile development methodologies.


Our Centers of Excellence

  • CUBE

    All in one platform for your digital dictation, workflow and transcription

  • Communicator

    Makes online meetings easy with screen share, audio, video conference & chat.


    It is a robust platform for data capture, verification & quality assurance.


Our Service Offerings

  • Software development

    Seamless integration across strategy implementation and management of IT programs.

  • Transcription

    You record and we will do the rest for you.

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    • • Procure To Pay

    • • Order Entry

Our Clients

Client success is our success

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