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We are an experienced provider of accounts payable invoice processing services – Optimizing AP processing since 2001 – 1,000,000+ invoices p.a. We have developed a robust proprietary platform for data capture, verification and quality assurance – ‘CUBE AP’ platform written bottom up for finance processing.

Cube AP provides One solution for complete Accounts Payable

  • Invoice receipt by courier, fax, post or electronic format.
  • Scan and capture.
  • Invoice workflow and exception management.
  • Business rules application for 2,3 and 4 way matching.
  • Multiple outputs to adapt to customer ERP requirement.
  • Index archive and retrieval.
  • Scalable solution with multiple deployment options.
Exception Management
  • Business Rules, failure correction.
  • Manual validations against image for marginal exception.
  • Supplier ID validation fails due to the old data in the master vendor table.
  • Invoice amounts of variance to the Purchase Order.
  • Clean and update master vendor records to improve auto-matching.
  • Handwritten instruction on images.
  • Substitute product delivered to ordered (product id mismatch).
  • Rules based exception handling as a first step to improve Straight Through Processing for Client.
  • Escalation via workflow for appropriate items.
Data Submission and Reporting
  • XML file with invoice/claims data for automatic upload.
  • Frequent list of accruals.
  • Reports on number of documents, images, line items, amounts.
  • Spend v/s budget (if we have budget data).
  • Vendor statements showing paid, unpaid, overdue.
  • Exception reason reports.
  • Audit
  • Customized reporting.