Communicator : Corporate Communication Solution

Communicator is an online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing software solution that enables the user to meet with clients or colleagues via Internet anywhere anytime.

How to Schedule Meeting

As an organizer, you can schedule instant meetings or you can schedule meetings in advance. Below you can learn how to schedule a meeting.

  1. 1. Log in to your account.
  2. 2. On the dashboard,click on Schedule button to schedule the meeting.
  3. 3. Fill all the details such as Subject, Date, Time, Meeting Duration, Time Zone, Recurrence, Call type-Audio/Video required to schedule the meeting.
  4. 4. Click on Schedule Meeting and Send Invitation button.When you schedule a meeting successfully, you will get an invite attendees pop up.
  5. 5. This pop up shows you meeting details along with option Outlook, by choosing this option you can send email through Outlook to the people to whom you want to involve in the meeting.
  6. 6. Another option provided is Copy which lets you copy the meeting details and paste it and send to your meeting attendees through Skype, messages, etc.
  7. 7. Invitation email contains an url which is used by other attendees to join the meeting.
Refer the video to know how to Schedule Meeting using Coreflex Communicator.

Features of Communicator

Schedule Meeting

Scheduling web meetings are streamlined, intuitive, and integrated into the calendar.

Video/Audio conferencing

It is a communication session between two users or a group of users, regardless of their locations.

Screen sharing

Enables user to share their desktop screen with the rest of the conference.

File Sharing

Allows users to share individual files/folders with other users in the conference.

Meeting Chat

The user has a text chat feature, both private and public.

Meeting Recording

Conferences can be recorded for future use and if someone misses the meeting, they can play it back at a later.

Why Communicator

  • It is consistently available (uptime), with high audio/video quality and without dropping calls.
  • Start a scheduled meeting or launch an instant meeting on the fly
  • User can easily share multiple screens at a time with the rest of the conference.
  • Mac, PC, Linux, iOS, and more
  • User authentication and security measures like confidential attendee lists keep conferences private and secure.

Additional Features

The User can send an email with the meeting details to the meeting attendees and guest users through Outlook. User can also easily send minutes of the meeting to the attendees through email.

The user gets the notification of meeting through email. The user receives the reminder email of the meeting before 24hr and 1hr from meeting start time.

Meeting scheduler can create minutes of meeting during the meeting and he can share it with meeting attendees through email.

The user can start a chat session in private. It is one to one text chat. users can send and receive instant messages, even when they are not online. This feature is useful, when you want to send notes, links for web pages, snippets, complex codes, manuals or other data which are difficult to remember and cannot be transmitted by voice.

User can create and manage groups efficiently. User can schedule meetings, make group audio, video calls, share screens and create a group chat.

User can do one-to-one high quality audio and video calls.

Admin can create teams and manage it efficiently. Admin can add or remove members from the team.

Meeting calendar maintains all the details of the scheduled meeting. The user can refer that calendar for the future meetings. It maintains meeting code, date, time and subject of the meeting. User can view the meeting calendar in daily, weekly and list format.

Get a group of people together on one call. Group calls can be video as well as audio. It is the best feature for group discussion.

User can easily initiate meetings with select participants from the main conference interface.

User can see the meeting history of the scheduled meetings. Meeting history has details of the meetings such as meeting id, time, date, subject of the scheduled meeting.

User can modify the default settings of the account, as well as change the account information, add the profile details. User can view and edit your global Settings and Preferences. User can edit the username and Master Password, security settings, email notifications.

Guest user is a non registered user who can attend the meeting without any login details, they can attend the meeting by just clicking on the link which is provided in the meeting invitation email.

Admin can assign or unassign Schedule meeting permissions to the team members.