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Cube AP = Data Capture + Verification + Quality Assurance + Transfer

Cube AP is the best solution for complete Accounts Payable. It helps you to increase Accounts Payable productivity, build strong supplier & customer relationships, provides faster processing and payment cycles, maximizes benefits of electronic invoices, optimizes cash flow and increases accuracy.

Benefits for You
  • Reduced costs and faster ROI
  • Increased accuracy
  • Increased Accounts Payable productivity
  • Faster processing and payment cycles
  • Focus on higher value activities
Benefits for your Managers
  • Improved Visibility
  • Optimised cash flow
  • Improved Compliance
  • Improved Supplier/Customer relationships
  • Enhanced IT system optimization
Benefits for your Suppliers
  • Faster payments
  • Reduced costs
  • Fewer rejected invoices
  • Enhanced accounts reconciliation
  • Improved customer satisfaction
Order To Pay

A company is receiving electronic invoices from many suppliers in the payables department. The company will check if the goods have been delivered in good order and will compare this to the original purchase order. If everything matches they will pay the supplier. Cube AP improves this cycle by:

Automating Invoice Process

Automatically routes the invoices for quick approval and automates checking of invoice against other documents, such as purchase orders.

Saving Time and Efforts

Reduces cycle times by over 60 per cent and facilitates the process of discount capture.

Reduce FTE

Reduces FTE (Full Time Employee) and processing cost.

Oder To Cash

Suppliers continually strive to reduce their day’s sales outstanding (DSO), the amount of time it takes to receive payment from customers for the goods or services they provide. Once a supplier has shipped their goods or service, they want to be paid in a timely fashion. Cube AP improves this cycle by:

Quality Assurance

Ensures invoice data quality and removes the potential of data errors by removing the need of re-key data.

Quick and Easy Process

Reduces the delivery time of invoices from days to minutes and also enables he customers to automate the routing and settlement process.

Less loss of invoices

Cube AP reduces the threat of losing or missing invoices.