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CubeScribe : All in one platform for your Digital dictation, Workflow and Transcription

CubeScribe is an online browser-based software application built on Microsoft technologies .NET and MSSQL which allows authors to manage their digital dictation, transcription, document management and workflow requirements.

How It Works

* iOS, Android & Windows also


Dictate your recording and send the recording to CubeScribe



Transcriptionist will transcript your recording


Quality Check

Transcripted recording will go through the quality check


Finished Documents

Author gets his completed document in CubeScribe

Do More With Cube

Fast Turnaround and Delivery

It reduces turnaround time of dictation tasks from several weeks to just a few hours. We process in excess of 1 million lines per month.

Accuracy and Quality

We guarantee the quality of the transcribed file with the help of our trained and professional quality analysts.


Cube audio files are encrypted to 256-bit SSL. Transcription is visible only to allocated transcriber, concerned doctor and secretaries.

Flexible Formatting

We provide transcribed documents in any format as per the requirements of our clients.

Industry Specific Transcribers

We have dedicated transcribers for different industry sectors – this leverages their knowledge of that industry and the terms used therein.

Document management

You can search easily for your dictation files based on creation date.


Access to transcription reporting on your dashboard.

Maintain Print History

CubeScribe preserves history of number of copies printed, on which date and by which user.

Cube for Hospital : Workflow

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Cube Dictate : Record From Anywhere, Anytime

Cube Dictate is a voice recorder app of CubeScribe available in Android and iOS which allows you to record on the go.

How It Works

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    Record and send your recordings for transcription from anywhere at anytime.
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    Edit your recording with insert at the end, insert in between, overwrite, delete up to end.
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    Registered Users can record the audio offline and later on can upload the recorded dictations online.
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    Permanently remove audio recordings of specified days.
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    Audio files from external apps can be imported into the Cube.
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    Monitor status of your recordings as awaiting, transferred or failed.
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    Users of the Cube are authorized with passwords.
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    VRS(Voice Recognition System) allows the user to convert the speech into the text and to edit the converted text file.