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CUBE Confidentiality & Data Security

We are acutely aware of our fiduciary duty to protect the confidentiality of our client data. In order to ensure that we undertake the following:

  • Our premises our guarded by physical security guards
  • All servers and user pc’s can be accessed only via validated usernames and passwords and are protected by firewalls, and regularly backed up
  • All employees sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure privacy of client data
  • We sign a contract with our customers to do the same
  • All audio files and word documents are encrypted to 256bit SSL and the application maintains a log file with server timestamps on each file
  • CUBE has been built to ensure security with all access governed by usernames and passwords
  • Inbuilt audit trail to monitor use and access to the software at all times
  • CUBE has been approved by the NHSIA to connect to N3 and complies with the NHS Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IGSoC 2008).