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Transcription :: Legal Transcription
Legal transcription is an important process that involves:
  • High level of confidentiality
  • Accurate interpretation of data
  • Timely execution of work
  • Optimum costing that justifies outsourcing to us resulting in our clients being financially profitable vis-à-vis processing them in-house

Virtually everything that takes place in the civil and criminal court systems requires hard copy documentation. The information is either dictated or recorded in the courtroom or at deposition hearings, as well as in law offices in less official settings. This data may include testimonies, pleadings, interrogatories (questions and answers), reviews of administrative hearings and the like.

Utilising legal transcription services is hugely beneficial to both the attorney and to consumers at large as specifically delegated and supervised legally substantive work is performed and distributed. Also, as attorneys realise that their own productivity and cost efficiency is maximised through utilising paralegal services and legal transcription services, demand will increase and new opportunities will arise for those offering these services.

The main users of legal transcription services are attorneys and law firms, courts, public defenders' and prosecutors' offices, public utility companies, publicly funded legal service projects and community legal service programmes. The other users would be corporate legal departments, insurance companies, financial institutions, real estate and title agencies, state and federal government agencies.

XanaduTec offers services in legal transcription to work towards eliminating the lead-time for all purchasers of this service. Our transcribers and translators are professionals chosen for their skills and expertise in specialized subject areas, be it English language skills, legal terms, software application or other client specific requirements.