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Doctors and physicians in the US and UK are required by law to maintain copies of all records pertaining to their respective patients. This process can take a valuable amount of productive time from the doctors' schedule. The usual practice till Internet changed the way the professional world did business was to employ a secretary to manually type these highly important, accurate and mandatory records.

With Internet offering 50% time saving options at 50% cost the doctor now only has to record his/her dictation on to a handheld digital recorder. XanaduTec processing unit receives the dictation for transcription. The dictation is passed on through 3 levels of transcription before finally being checked by our Quality Analyst as per client specification.

After more than 3 years and 10 million lines of medical transcription experience in this specialized field XanaduTec not only has the necessary expertise to process files from various fields of medicine but we also want to understand specific needs of all our customers and build a highly rewarding relationship with them.

Our medical transcriptionists live and breathe our clients' requirements. We have a tough selection process and a tougher training schedule.

The process is explained as under:

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