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Data & Media Transcription

Xanadutec has built up industry leading knowledge in the provision of data management services for the Oil & Gas sector. Our specialty services include:

  • Data recovery
  • Transcription
  • Re-mastering of old data onto modern industry standard media

We help our customers manage and monitor their data against degradation and obsolescence.

Using proven cleaning and treatment facilities we can also recover data from old and decaying media, such as 9 & 21 track tapes suffering from stiction.

Our transcribed digital data is subject to vigorous quality control procedures that ensures all data has been captured correctly, and that index information has been accurately recorded.

Quality control is a vital aspect of the transcription process and our experienced team report and investigate any discrepancies found.

All outputs are backed up to an additional set of media and full read-after- write checks are made.

Please contact rohit@xanadutec.com for further information and to discuss your project.