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We at Xanadutec believe that all scanning requirements should be treated on their own individual merits, and it is important to consider the past as well as the future.

This means looking at current stored documents or files, and deciding the most efficient way to archive them, be it scanning, long-term physical storage or a judicious combination of both.

We scan all types and sizes of documents in both black & white and colour, and if your archive collection includes legacy microfilms or microfiche then we can accommodate them in the process.

Although the scanning is the simple part of the archive process one needs to consider all aspects to ensure success.

These include:

  • Indexing
    To enable quick access to the information documents can be indexed in a variety of ways for example.
    • Folder level
    • Document level
    • Page level

    Indexing can be manual or via an electronically provided inventory.

  • Deliver of Images
    Options include CDROM/DVD ROM/Electronic

  • Where is the final destination of the scanned image?
    Will the files be retained on line for regular access for example in an electronic records management system, offline on DVD ROM, or in a long term off-site storage facility for occasional viewing.

Once scanned documents can either be destroyed securely, returned back to customer archive or held in secure deep storage.

Please contact rohit@xanadutec.com for further information and to discuss your project.