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XanaduTec recognises that we are handling mission critical data for our clients and often documents that contain highly sensitive information. To ensure effective working a great level of trust must, and does, exist between our clients and our staff.

We have also undertaken the following measures to ensure that we take all necessary precautions to safeguard your information.

General Security

All employees sign a confidentiality agreement as part of their employment agreement. All our employees are trained in the importance of respecting the confidentiality of all client data - in paper, image, electronic, report or voice format. Furthermore, for extremely classified data we can restrict the amount of information an individual employee can see on a given image, so that one operator never sees an entire image. Our employment screening procedures identify and eliminate applicants with a criminal background. We require references and perform prior employment verification before we hire someone. Furthermore, all employees must sign a non-disclosure agreement stating they will keep confidential all information obtained as part of their employment.

Data Security

All our mission-critical servers are supported by UPS systems. Full and complete backups are performed nightly, with the previous night's backup physically removed from the premises. We also have high capacity diesel generators that kick in the event of any power loss. This allows us to ensure smoothness and efficacy of our production processes. All system access and security is based on the concept of least possible privilege and need-to-know. Production-system access is limited to network engineers. All workstations (PC or other) which access production systems are themselves secured against unauthorised access by User ID and Password, "Boot protection" to limit system start-up from an alternative source, and inactivity time-out of no more than 30 minutes. All PCs have anti-virus protection, which is updated every 3 days.

Facility Security

Our Data Capture division is located in a 5000 square foot facility that incorporates the following:

* Secure on-site document storage
* Facility security maintained by manned access
* Limited personnel permitted access to restricted areas
* Storage log maintained. All documents are segregated in storage by date and by client
* All electronic images are batches and tagged across the production process

The building has locked access doors, reception sign-in, and all servers are housed in locked, limited access rooms. We have controlled access to all entrances. We require all visitors to sign a security log and be accompanied by an escort while in production areas.

XanaduTec restricts access to the data centre, media library, and production areas to authorised employees. All confidential information is stored in a secure area (room, cabinet, server) with access restricted to authorised personnel only.

Disaster Recovery

XanaduTec disaster protection policies cover two areas:

Equipment Failure
We have designed our systems to take into account server redundancy, telecommunications failure, and data backup. Uninterruptible power supplies, with UPS and diesel generators protect our systems.

Location Failure
In preparation for possible interruptions that could shut down our location we have relationships with subsidiary companies and alliance partners in several cities that will enable us to switch production with limited disruption. For instance should our main site become inaccessible due to natural disaster or unforeseen interruptions, another site in a separate city or country would be used to aid in accommodating the disrupted site's production.