S/W Development Services

Web Development
  • We use JavaScript, Bootstrap, Ajax, HTML, JSP, Servlet, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Struts, .NET, Java, Angular4 and AngularJS for web development.
  • Our professional and high end web applications are the result of the proper combination of creativity with technology using Agile Web Development Method
  • We deliver customizable and high quality web development solutions in an efficient manner.
  • Our Web Development team has experience in developing complex business logic projects.
  • We utilize our extensive web development skill set to create precisely what our customer needs
Mobile Development


  • We develop iOS applications as per the customer’s requirements with high quality UI (user interface) and UX (User Experience).
  • We use Swift, COCOA & objective C programming languages for iOS Development.
  • The iPhone applications developed by us are highly scalable and of immense utility to empower modern businesses.
  • We have iOS app testers to provide high performance and reliable app testing services.


  • We quickly address the business needs by developing Android applications customized to strategic business objectives.
  • We provide Android support versions from KitKat to Oreo and use languages including Java and XML.
  • Our Android professionals possess a detailed understanding of the Android platform and the various components and technologies involved in the Android SDK.
  • Our Android professionals are also well versed with the third party libraries like Volley, Retrofit and okhttp.


  • With Xamarin we offer an open, flexible and cross-platform mobile application development that share and reuse code for creating Android & iOS apps with native UI &UX.
  • We follow the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern which helps us to cleanly separate the business and presentation logic of an application from its user interface (UI).
  • We use Xamarin.Forms which exposes a complete cross-platform UI toolkit for .NET developers.
  • We use C#, XAML languages for Xamarin app development.
Web Design
  • We use HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap for web designing.
  • Our designer creating a Responsive Design ensures that the website’s navigation elements, screen-layouts, text, images, audio/video players and other UI elements re-adjust themselves on a variety of devices.
  • We follow a well defined UI/UX design cycle, which includes Research strategy, Wireframing and Prototyping, Visual Design, UI Development and usability testing.
  • We have highly skilled mobile app designers and developers who turn ideas into reality.
  • Our graphic design services include logo designing and mock up designing for any type of application.
S/W Maintenance
  • We fix the defects and test the results to ensure that no software functionality is broken.
  • We provide continual maintenance and real-time support services for the software requirements.
  • Our professional software maintenance team provides corrective software maintenance services, and can easily correct any Logic Errors, Coding Errors or Design Errors.
  • Our software maintenance services include making changes to the operating functions of the software applications.
  • We do troubleshooting of software issues, and do maintenance tasks regularly like Integration of releases and fixing site crashes at priority.

IT Consulting Services

Business Analysis Consulting
  • We provide IT solutions that focus on enhancing performance of our clients by streamlining processes and reducing organizational risk.
  • We make sure that the scope of the project is clearly defined by highlighting its objectives and key issues.
  • We suggest modifications and enhancements for Business Analysis activities.
  • Our Business analyst creates business data models that best suits the requirement of the project.
  • We help clients in identifying the risks involved in the project and taking measures to minimize them.
Quality Consulting and S/W Testing Services

Mobile Application Testing:

  • We strategically design the test cases for mobile apps to reduce the risk of possible errors. We identify the crash and performance hangs in the app and also ensures that the app is compatible with different mobile versions.

Web Application Testing:

  • We ensure that an application is fully functional and runs smoothly and securely before its release.

Functional Testing and Regression Testing:

  • We ensure that the application is functionally perfect and new functionalities are working fine with the new changes in the application.

Acceptance testing:

  • We evaluate the system's compliance with the business requirements and verify if it has met the required criteria for delivery to end users.

Integration Testing:

  • We verify that each module which works fine individually does not have any defects when integrated.

System testing:

  • Our professional software testers perform testing of the completed software product before it is introduced to the market.
Technology Consulting Services
  • We provide you complete technology consulting services at every stage of projects from planning to deployment.
  • We provide technology consulting services for Java, .NET, Angular, Android, iOS and Database.
  • We help our clients determine the right combination of technologies for their business.
  • Our end-to-end service offerings are aimed at maximizing our clients’ ability to transform their business in the most seamless manner and maximize business benefits.
  • Our technology professionals help clients to resolve their most critical technology challenges.