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What is Transcription

Transcription is the process of converting audio to text as per author customisation. Transcription services are used in healthcare, finance, technology, marketing, manufacturing, government and law, as well as arts and nonprofit sectors.

What we do in Transcription

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Author records audio and sends it to Cube

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Transcriptionist converts audio files into text.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Analyst assures the quality of the text files.

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Finished Document

Quality assured files are delivered to our clients.

Xanadutec is a leading provider of reliable and efficient digital dictation and transcription service. Through our robust proprietary platform-CUBE and our highly skilled transcribers we help medical and legal firms to get their highly important, and confidential records transcribed. We provide in-house transcription. We provide world-class service and top quality customisation to individual user preferences. Through an online portal author can track the files, extract the old files and access his/her stored data.

Transcription Services


With over 15 years and 100 million lines of medical transcription experience in this specialized field Xanadutec not only has the necessary expertise to process files from various fields of medicine, but we also understand the specific needs of all our customers and build a highly rewarding relationship with them. Our medical transcriptionists are completely committed to our clients requirements.


Everything that takes place in the civil and criminal court systems is either dictated or recorded; we offer service to transcribe this legal data. We have professionally skilled and knowledgeable transcribers who have experience in specialized subject areas of legal terms, software application and other client specific requirements.



Why our Transcription Services

Fast and Accurate

Our fully functional product Cube saves time and resources and makes the task simple and easy.

High Quality and Reliability

We have highly skilled transcriptionist who assure the quality and reliable turnaround time of the transcribed file.

Confidentiality and Data integrity

We sign data protection and service quality contracts with all clients. We also ensure Data Integrity with CRC checksum validations.

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Efficiency Benefits
  • Centralisation of work flow.
  • On-demand, on-line access to "status reports”.
  • No threat of dictation loss.
  • Data Protection.
  • Economic Benefits
  • Pay for your use
  • Price efficiency
  • Reallocation of client’s in-house resources to add value
  • Transcription Detail Workflow

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